Top Patient Engagement Technology Companies
Independa: A Holistic Approach To Person Engagement

Top 10 Patient Engagement Solution Companies - 2020

For an industry that has historically been short-staffed, the healthcare sector is undoubtedly one of the verticals that can benefit the most from digitalization. Despite their best of interest, healthcare practitioners and were always struggling to keep up with the patients’ in-flow. As a result, when technological innovations offered a way to healthcare personnel to enhance their capabilities and engage with patients more efficiently, it was only a matter of time until a wide-spread digital revolution took place.

Today, technologies like AI and machine learning are at the forefront of this digital revolution. These two innovations are extensively being used in delivering more patient-centric care. Further, machine learning is also helping in interpreting the vast amount of patient data in a shorter timeframe, thereby shortening the overall care delivery model. What’s more? With the rise of intuitive systems driven by automation, healthcare organizations are now better positioned to provide a patient engagement experience free of friction and stress. AI-based personal assistants and chatbots are also playing a critical role in delivering remote healthcare to elderly citizens.

At the same time, remote patient engagements are also on the rise. It is opening up new possibilities of caring for the adults, even if they are sheltered-in-place. IoT and 5G connectivity are further driving this trend beyond its initial conceptual phase. Riding the coattail of this favorable time, nascent technologies like AR and VR are also coming to the forefront, offering more innovative ways to engage patients in their healthcare journey. In a nutshell, these capabilities simplify the entire ecosystem for healthcare providers from patients, nurses, and consultants, to specialized doctors.

At this juncture, there is a wide variety of patient engagement solution providers entering the industry with a set of advanced and integrated offerings. Healthcare Tech Outlook has compiled a list of the top 10 patient engagement solution providers to help companies navigate best-of-breed patient engagement solutions. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs and CXOs.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 Patient Engagement Solution Providers – 2020.”

    Top Patient Engagement Technology Companies

  • Colorado-based ClinOne and its clinical research portfolio of trial enrollment and patient engagement solutions aid drug developers, institutional researchers, and site users to enhance their operational efficiencies in today’s pandemic world. The company’s eConsent module, allowing researchers to deliver and obtain informed consent for clinical trial participation from patients remotely or on-site, depending on the availability and location of the necessary attendees. At the same time, ClinOne offers a central dashboard to PIs and research site users, which facilitates the seamless and efficient scheduling of upcoming tasks and events, and enhance HIPAA compliant communication with their patients while measuring patient engagement and overall study compliance

  • GeaCom is a leading Civil Rights and medical technology company that has designed, developed, and produced the only medical-grade engagement solution, Phrazer/Kitsune, which ensures equal engagement across the entire patient population and guides them through their entire care journey. They offer a robust, holistic solution that can equally engage the entire population despite language, age, literacy, culture, race, and gender, both for patients and healthcare providers. GeaCom’s offerings are built upon CITE - Communication Information Theory Empowered technologies. These exciting, strong sciences enable the system to dynamically adapt to any patient for a personalized experience. CITE eliminates errors caused by communication barriers and empowers each patient to author their own chart, enabling staff to perform at top of licensure

  • Independa is a leading provider of technology-enabled remote engagement, education and care solutions for older adults. The company’s leading technology-enabled remote engagement platform provides education and care solutions for older adults living in isolation. Independa enables organizations like healthcare providers, home care, senior living communities, pharmacies, and individuals alike to cost-effectively help older adults remain at their residence longer, safer, and more comfortably, avoiding social isolation and delaying or even eliminating the next stage of care

  • MedAssist, a Firstsource Company, offers focused solutions across eligibility, enrolment, business office management and recovery. These solutions are designed to help their clients prevent revenue leakage while enhancing individual engagement and satisfaction. MedAssist’s “Digital First, Digital Now” solutions provide automation opportunities that maximize operating efficiencies, all while improving the customer’s experience. Transforming financial process management. Igniting patient loyalty. Driving excellence.

  • Develops and delivers consumer-focused payment tools and health-specific payment infrastructure to create a superior patient payment experience

  • Readiness Rounds helps maintain patient safety, quality of care, and satisfaction by transforming hospitals into high-reliability organizations with its high-reliability platform that now includes a five-point integrated screening platform Well Screen

  • Sedara offers a personalized medicine platform that helps manage chronic care, reduce readmissions and emergency visits, prevent disease, leverage provider resources, and enhance patient and physician satisfaction. The app created by their modeler runs on the mobile phone of the patient and follows protocol and logic that has been created by the physician/care team. In addition, Sedara’s platform-based solution successfully passes the baton to the patient. The patient can control the narrative by asking free form questions of the application. Each of the custom native apps developed to address these concerns can be rolled out to Android and iPhone platforms as existing cross-platform generative tools create hybrid apps that are not as robust as fully-native apps

  • Statum Systems, developer of the only mobile interface connecting all wireless networks for efficient messaging and access to hospital systems with unrivaled speed, unequivocal reliability, and HIPAA compliance—StatumHEALTH. The platform streamlines messaging and access to hospital systems via the best available wireless service and manages caseload with the fastest access and fewest clicks to connect to relevant information and people. It unifies cellular, WiFi, and page networks, eliminating the need for a separate pager. The advantages of StatumHEALTH go beyond receiving the pager messages to accessing the medical records, communicating with other medical professionals in group chats, and more

  • Health Companion

    Health Companion

    Health Companion inspires and empower people to achieve greater health at lower cost. Health Companion strives to be a premier communication and collaborative platform for all health-related matters for consumers, providers, payers, employers, and vendors. Health Companion provides a complete set of comprehensive tools to conduct patient engagement and patient relationship management

  • MedPilot


    MedPilot is a leading provider of technology in patient revenue cycle management, designed to help patients, healthcare providers, insurance billing companies, and revenue cycle software vendors. MedPilot's software uses data science and behavioral targeting to recommend patient engagement methods, personalize communications and resolve outstanding balances. MedPilot also aggregates data to make recommendations to increase the productivity of in-house call centers