Top Patient Engagement Solution Companies
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Top 10 Patient Engagement Solution Companies - 2017

As the healthcare market evolves from a fee-for-service to a pay-for-performance model, patient engagement is paramount to achieve better clinical outcomes. From wearable technologies to health information exchanges, electronic health records (EHRs), and patient portals; all of these innovations are aimed at improving patient engagement. However, unless the patients show interest in taking an active role in their health; these technologies are to no avail. To successfully engage patients in their care, the care delivery must be tightly aligned across physicians, payers, laboratories, pharmacies, and must be able to share relevant, accurate patient information in a timely manner.

Since patients have become increasingly comfortable with new technologies, providers can improve engagement with their patients, through mobile apps, video chats or text messages. Integrated platforms that securely automate text and phone call reminders about appointments, billing information, lab results, or alerts to upcoming treatments, help grow the health partnership between patients and their providers.

However, business requirements and goals may vary from one healthcare provider to another. With a multitude of vendors offering patient engagement solutions critical to the business needs of the organizations, it can be quite toilsome for the CIOs to zero in on the right fit for their organizations. To help CIOs in selecting the best-of-breed patient engagement solutions, our distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of Healthcare Tech Outlook has narrowed down the selection to the final 10 Patient Engagement Solution Providers.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Patient Engagement Solution Providers – 2017.”

    Top Patient Engagement Solution Companies

  • Provider of behavior imaging assessment technology in healthcare and education

  • FormFast provides electronic forms and document workflow solutions for healthcare providers that are committed to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their organization

  • An innovative healthcare solutions provider offering scalable individualized health engagement to optimize outcomes and patient experience while reducing cost

  • A disease management company improving population health via patient engagement and care coordination interventions for chronic diseases

  • Provider of patient-centric virtual therapy platform for pre and post-surgery rehabilitation

  • A leading provider of SaaS-based solutions offering holistic information management platforms for complete patient engagement

  • Provides patient education programs and information technology tools for joint replacement care in an outpatient and early discharge setting

  • Provides a contextually intelligent communication platform that overlays and integrates with existing platforms and edge-computing devices to achieve specific end-goals

  • NextGen Healthcare

    NextGen Healthcare

    Helps ambulatory practices improve outcomes and nurture healthier communities with innovative technology and services

  • Practice Fusion Inc

    Practice Fusion Inc

    Practice Fusion is the number one cloud-based electronic health record platform for doctors and patients in the U.S.