Top 10 Patient Engagement Companies - 2018
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Top 10 Patient Engagement Companies - 2018

Healthcare is an enormous sector and patient contentment is of ultimate priority. With techniques like patient engagement, the healthcare industry, rightly so, is pulling various strings in order to uphold the momentum. Technologies like the artificial intelligence have empowered patients by rendering intelligent guidance. Large amounts of clinical data gathered through the big data technology assists the care providers with precise diagnosis and decision-making.

The introduction of healthcare gadgets, such as Fitbit and other fitness wearable devices has brought a wave of enthusiasm among patients to discover health with a much fancier approach. Further, the communication cracks between the patients and the caregivers are fixed through virtual-apps and online communities, which enable discussions on experiences and promote patient data exchange and management. In addition, patient engagement is set to elevate the patient involvement by employing the use of wireless sensors that offer round the clock monitoring services and provides the caregiver information that could have otherwise been overlooked. As the patient engagement technology runs on a conjoint platform, healthcare firms are heading towards automated processes, which provide an improved response, agility and cost efficiency. Observing the need and potential of this provision, providers are weaving newer strategies and aiming at further developments that would lead to higher outcomes.

Considering the above, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs and industry analysts including the Healthcare Tech Outlook’s editorial board has charted out top 10 Patient Engagement Solution Providers. These companies offer powerful solutions coupled with innovative strategies that are distinctively prominent in the field.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Patient Engagement Solution Providers – 2018.”

Top Patient Engagement Companies

Provides a comprehensive suite of enrollment services to healthcare organizations to assist patients in navigating and connecting to payer solutions

Provider of Rhythm, a comprehensive suite of solutions, including practice management, electronic health records, telemedicine, patient relationship management, business analytics reporting, and physician-performance benchmarking

CedarBridge Group is a team of consultants, analysts, project managers, and developers with broad experience in the healthcare, business, and technology domains

By connecting the dots across the patient journey, Lumeon enables health providers to deliver seamless patient and care team experiences to deliver better, more consistent outcomes, at a lower cost

Payspan is a leading provider of automated payment and reimbursement solutions for the healthcare industry that offers patient engagement solutions for both providers and health plans

Helps doctors and patients achieve effective patient engagement with its unique, intuitive application

Seeker Health is a digital health company innovating the way that patients find out about clinical trials, sign up to participate, and are managed to enrollment

Provides integrated patient communication and administrative services to employing a Lean Six Sigma Continuous Quality Process Improvement Model

Specializes in the development of electronic Patient Reported Outcomes and shared decision making applications for health record systems

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