Lumeon: Care Pathway Management-The Right Care at the Right Time

Lumeon: Care Pathway Management-The Right Care at the Right Time

Rick Halton, VP, Product & Marketing, LumeonRick Halton, VP, Product & Marketing, Lumeon
Health providers are increasingly being incentivized to deliver better, more joined up patient experiences. The ability to automate and orchestrate a large variety of elements along the patient journey enables a truly patient-centric process, rather than the fragmented, confusing experience that many patients and care teams have become accustomed to.

As the payment landscape shifts to value, and margins are put under pressure, providers that wish to thrive must invest in platforms that enable them to manage a longitudinal patient care journey.

“Lumeon enables healthcare providers to deliver consistent and predictable outcomes by reducing the variation in care delivery. We do this by providing ‘care traffic control’ across care teams and settings for clinical and administrative pathways,” asserts Lumeon’s Rick Halton, Vice President of Product and Marketing.

The ultimate goal of the Lumeon Care Pathway Management (CPM) enterprise platform, as demonstrated at some of the largest health systems in the world, is to deliver consistently high-quality care, for every patient, wherever and whenever they need it.

Lumeon’s pathway solutions achieve these goals by reducing care and administrative process friction and delivering meaningful, personalized patient experiences.

This enables a large variety of business cases, such as reducing no-shows and revenue leakage, and increasing utilization and patient satisfaction while achieving consistently better patient outcomes.

Lumeon is ‘care traffic control’ for healthcare. It enables high performance care pathways to be better coordinated across many care teams, settings, and patients to deliver the right care at the right time

highlights the significance of delivering a digital experience from first patient engagement to rapid recovery, often achieving a 3x superior experience at 10x lower cost. “Uniquely, the functionality of the Lumeon CPM platform combines the power of four software layers that together empower longitudinal care delivery. By integrating these capabilities, Lumeon clients can launch personalized pathways, monitor them, and interact in real time according to the situation of their patients, all managed natively from within their EHR,” says Halton.

Lumeon has been proven to excel in complex, varied provider environments that allow the company to absorb individual requirements from specific departments or sites. The ability to cope with both simple and complex use cases enables Lumeon customers to affect gradual organization-wide change, without being disruptive, while adapting to existing ways of working.

Moreover, Lumeon is experiencing rapid customer growth and is now deployed in over 1,800 care sites across the USA and Europe. “In a market where costs continue to spiral out of control and payment incentives focus on outcomes, Care Pathway Management is challenging the status quo and transforming healthcare to deliver consistently better outcomes with fewer resources,” concludes Halton.