FormFast: Patient Engagement Beyond Hospital Walls '

FormFast: Patient Engagement Beyond Hospital Walls

Randy Campbell, President, FormFastRandy Campbell, President, FormFast

Sharing information is fundamental in building a relationship between any two groups of people. This is certainly relevant as healthcare organizations seek to better engage with the communities they serve.

Unfortunately, the gap in communication between patients and providers beyond the walls of the hospital has been a barrier in patient engagement strategies. However, new technology that enables the patient to share data before and after care events is improving the way that healthcare providers engage with their patient populations.

For over 25 years, FormFast has enabled healthcare organizations to improve the way they document care with their industry-leading eForm and workflow technologies. With 1100+ hospitals using their platform, millions of healthcare forms are generated by FormFast every year.

Through their product, FormFast Connect, FormFast is helping their healthcare customers more effectively engage with their patient populations, even when the patient isn’t at the facility.

FormFast Connect enables patients to complete required healthcare forms remotely from the convenience of their computer, tablet, or phone. Whether used for pre-admissions or post-care follow-up, FormFast Connect gives providers the real-time data they need to deliver better care, while helping guide the patient through their care journey.

“Expanding on our core technologies that enable hospitals and health systems to manage documents, FormFast Connect provides the ability to reach patients where they are outside hospital walls. This makes it easy for them to review, complete and submit forms and documents from their home environment, or in the settings in which they are comfortable,” says Randy Campbell, President of FormFast.

FormFast Connect provides a personalized view of all the steps and documents patients need to complete before admission or post discharge, driving patient engagement and a more connected care experience.

It’s always been a core goal for health systems to reach the patient where they are, and FormFast Connect has made that possible

Compared to traditional paper packets, patients prefer FormFast eForms. FormFast delivers healthcare documents in an intuitive, easily accessible electronic format that promotes understanding and encourages user adoption. Plus, patients appreciate being able to review documentation with their family members or care takers before arriving for services. Delivering a better form experience accelerates documentation, provides more accurate data, and streamlines processes for patients and providers alike.

Campbell illustrates FormFast Connect’s value proposition through an example, “When a patient goes to a skilled nursing facility, a lot of data (in some case upwards of 140 pages of information) has to be collected about the patient and their family members, which could take up to two hours. Both the care provider and the patient are dissatisfied because it’s a tedious and time-consuming interaction. Though FormFast Connect, patients are able to complete those forms and collect data prior to reaching the venue. This translates to a more pleasant engagement and quicker treatment.”

The FormFast solution also enables the care team at the health system to monitor the completion of tasks and ensures that patients are following best practices. As patients complete the eForms remotely, the data collected is instantly visible to the care team, which allows them to intercede and provide the patient with additional resources.

Ultimately, this allows patients to better care for themselves, control their condition, and to perform preventative measures and self-care techniques that can lead to an improved quality of life.

FormFast is offering new innovations like FormFast Connect in response to the market demand for solutions that empower the patient to be a more active participant in their care experience.

“Our customers have most definitely shaped the direction of our products and solutions over the years,” says Campbell. “Today, there is a need to reach patients and care partners outside hospital walls. We aim to provide a more collaborative experience for not only documenting care, but driving clinical processes and helping design the way patients experience care at every point in their journey.”