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DocASAP: Opening Healthcare’s Digital Front Door For All

Top 10 Patient Engagement Solution companies - 2021

Since the coronavirus outbreak, a lot has changed, and patients are now looking for more than just the right diagnosis and treatment. They want effective, economic, and personalized healthcare. Some of the most recent patient engagement technologies include monitoring patient health data, managing communication with physicians, home selfcare, education, and financial management. From wearable technology and medical devices to patient portals and personal health records, these advancements aim to enhance the overarching patient experience.

Healthcare consumers have become much more demanding in terms of the type of information they want to understand some of their healthcare decisions better. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one element that providers are adopting to boost flagging patient satisfaction and engagement statistics. AI enables providers to connect with patients more deeply in the right ways while also filling care gaps and motivating patients to alter their behavior without adding to healthcare workers’ responsibilities and, in some cases, lessening those workloads. Additionally, digital patient engagement tools are also becoming increasingly popular as customers want user-friendly, customer-first digital solutions to manage their health in the same way they carry out other activities. These tools can improve the patient experience by offering consistent care, maintaining open communication channels with clinicians, and providing access to resources.

At this juncture, many patient engagement solution providers are entering the domain with advanced and integrated offerings. To help the healthcare sector strengthen its operational capabilities and simultaneously enable growth in the industry, Healthcare Tech Outlook has compiled a list of the top 10 patient engagement solution providers. The list comprises prominent organizations that address issues pertinent to the healthcare sector by implementing state of the art technologies. Besides, the magazine also includes insights from thought leaders in the sector on the latest industry trends, best practices, and recent innovations.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 Patient Engagement Solution Providers – 2021.”

    Top Patient Engagement Solution companies

  • DocASAP is a leading patient access and engagement solution provider known for its prowess in leading the healthcare industry through critical stages of transition to digital. The company specializes in streamlining and simplifying patients' access to healthcare and navigating them through the journey with its patient access and engagement platform for health systems and health plans. It helps organizations meet their specific clinical and operational goals pertaining to healthcare access and enhance their patient engagement capabilities.

  • Driven to ease the patient journey impediments and improve healthcare efficiencies, EnSofia offers a namesake cloud platform that is now transforming the digital healthcare industry. Referred to as ‘The AI Digital Front Door of the Future,’ EnSofia delivers AI-based patient journey engagement platform that enhances the patients to clinicians and systems communications and interactions across all channels. The EnSofia platform is an AI engine, think of it as similar to Alexa, Slack, and Zoom combined in one platform but built from the ground up specifically for healthcare. EnSofia facilitates all journey’s communication from pre-appointment to during the appointments to post-appointment and between appointments on any communication channel.

  • Holvan was founded with the goal of engaging patients and improving the quality of care with rich, interactive educational videos and software, created by industry experts.

  • MedAssist (firstsource) helps hospital leaders to simplify the financial experience for both patients and the people of their organization. Hospitals achieve a stronger financial foundation, while patients experience clarity and a path to peace of mind about how to pay for their care. Firstsource's integrated healthcare cloud solutions span the end-to-end patient financial engagement value chain – Pre-Service, Eligibility and Enrollment, and Receivables Management. The cloud offers providers the flexibility to either deploy the end-to-end solution or choose certain components based on their specific requirements.

  • Carrot Health

    Carrot Health

    Carrot Health provides consumer insights for every individual in the U.S. to engage patients and members, close gaps in care, and optimize performance for healthcare payers and provider systems. The Carrot MarketView™ software platform incorporates social, behavioral, environmental, and economic barriers to health data to deliver a 360 degree view of the consumer, providing actionable insights to inform Growth, Health, and Quality.

  • DrVisit


    DrVisit, Inc. provides the web app and technology platform, training and support to enable physicians, medical providers and patients to easily schedule and conduct Virtual DrVisits (HIPAA compliant video consultations). DrVisit, Inc. is building The DrVisit Telehealth Network, a nationwide Telemedicine network of physicians and medical providers. This enables patients to not only have Virtual DrVisits with their primary care physicians but also with specialists, mental health providers or therapists in the Telehealth Network.

  • Patientco


    Patientco is a payment technology company headquartered in Atlanta, GA founded specifically to re-think the healthcare payment experience. The company brings world-class payment infrastructure together with intuitive consumer payment tools informed by analytics to create a superior billing experience to deliver more payments to Health Systems.

  • PatientPoint


    PatientPoint is the patient engagement platform for every point of care, leveraging innovative, tech-enabled solutions to create more effective doctor-patient interactions and deliver high value for patients, providers, and healthcare sponsors. Through our 150k unique healthcare provider relationships, PatientPoint’s solutions impact roughly 750 million patient visits each year, further advancing our mission of making every doctor-patient engagement better.

  • Payspan


    Payspan is the nation’s leading provider of healthcare reimbursement and payment automation services, leveraging the largest healthcare network to drive value-based care reimbursement, improve the patient experience and reduce costs for payers and providers. The company connects more than 600 health plans, 1.3 million provider payees, and over 100 million consumers to facilitate alternative payment and reimbursement solutions and the exchange of meaningful healthcare information.

  • VisionTree


    VisionTree's strategic vision is to improve the transparency of information for patient wellness and care by delivering cloud-based, patient-centric data exchange, interoperablity and outcomes tracking across communities. Visiontree recognizes that patient-centric healthcare system reform is being driven by several factors including consumer demand and the adoption of specific quality measures by payers & providers. The overarching need is to provide the best quality of care, delivered affordably, for optimal, long-term quality of life.