EnSofia: Enabling Better Healthcare Outcomes at Lower Cost

EnSofia: Enabling Better Healthcare Outcomes at Lower Cost

Sameh Michael, Founder and CTO, EnSofiaSameh Michael, Founder and CTO, EnSofia
One tiny seed, with passion, is enough to kickstart a business and propel it toward success. For Sameh Michaiel, the inspiration to start a Digital Health company to address the inefficiencies in healthcare communication and patient journey came when he became a patient himself!

While working at Nuance Communications, Michaiel had a health episode that required him to consult with multiple physicians. In the days that followed, Michaiel witnessed first-hand the many difficulties in healthcare patient engagement and communication.

He highlights how challenging it was for his care team to communicate together and the difficulties he had communicating with any of them. “Each time I wanted to call a physician’s office to ask minor questions, I had to contact them at particular hours. For example, I couldn’t call them from 12pm to 2pm or off hours. Furthermore, even if the call got through, the first thing I’d hear is, ‘Can you hold please?’”

Frustrated with the situation, he determined to rectify it, Michaiel looked deeper into the functioning’s of the healthcare system and realized that the industry, as a whole, on one hand, is understaffed, and, on the other hand, lacks automation at the staff level. As a result, employees of most departments are overworked and burned out. Driven to ease the patient and clinicians journey impediments and improve healthcare efficiencies, Michaiel created EnSofia, a cloud platform that is now transforming the digital healthcare industry.

Referred to as ‘The AI Digital Front Door of the Future,’ EnSofia delivers AI-based patient journey engagement platform that enhances the patients to clinicians and systems communications and interactions across all channels. At its core, the company’s mission is to enhance healthcare outcomes and patient satisfaction while improving staff efficiency and healthcare provider profitability. “We look at the patient’s relationship with a clinic or a hospital as a journey and EnSofia is automating all aspects of it,” says Michaiel, founder and CTO, EnSofia.

The EnSofia HIPAA platform is an AI engine, think of it as similar to Alexa, Slack, and Zoom combined in one platform but built from the ground up specifically for healthcare. EnSofia facilitates all journey’s communication from pre-appointment to during the appointment to post-appointment and between appointments on any communication channel.

For example, patients can talk to the clinic virtual assistance, Sofia, on the phone, on mobile App, or on the web. Sofia can schedule a appointments, send reminders by phone calls and SMS or Email. Patients can also self-check-in and have a doctor visit over a voice or video call. Patients can chat by speech or text with Sofia or the staff, to get lab results, receive reports and prescriptions, or opt for contactless digital payment and lot more. This appeals to the digitally empowered consumers, who want to use digital channels and equally to others who are no longer satisfied with “can you hold please” but demand better phone service and answers 24/7.

We look at the patient’s relationship with a clinic or a hospital as a journey and EnSofia is automating all aspects of it

On a higher level than one appointment, Sofia automates the workflow of medical pathway and protocols for a provider of one specialty to a large health system with many providers and many specialties. This relives the staff from mundane tasks and make their lives a little easier.

Furthermore, the platform, especially with its very inexpensive and rapid way to integrate with any cloud-based EHR offers clinics and healthcare systems, the ability to provide their customers an omnichannel experience to access various services around the clock in a comprehensive yet economical way even if such health system operates multi-vendor EHRs.

With EnSofia in place, medical facilities can drastically cut down their cost. How? “Most patient calls and queries are addressed via sofia, the platform’s self-service feature, which eliminates redundant tasks and maximizes staff efficiency,” adds Michaiel.

Alongside, another important aspect of EnSofia’s focus is patient payment recovery. Post the pandemic, most payments are delayed due to insurance claims processing delays and other similar factors. EnSofia works to proactively accelerate patient’s payment recovery. Outstanding patient balances are automatically readout from the EHRs onto the platform, and patients are then sent periodic reminders via SMS (or any channel), including, highlighting the amount with a secure payment link. When payment are made, the platform then “post” the amount in the EHR, and the proceeds are directly deposited in the client’s bank account. In addition, the app’s dashboard enables easy contact the flagged patients by phone from the browser. For example, Lighthouse Pediatrics, Torrance CA, saw reduction of patient A/R aging by 62 percent. With the first months of service alone, recovered $32K per provider and the six-month data for all other KPI’s are equally impressive.

To further exemplify EnSofia’s success, Michaiel shares that many specialties are showing interest in the platform. For one, mental health clinicians and therapists are showing great interest in the platform. Sofia gives them full automation for their therapy programs scheduling, EHR integration and video televisits features among many others functions at a very attractive pricing point.

“Riding on the coattails of our clients’ successes along with our comprehensive technology platform, EnSofia is now ready for geographic expansion across the U.S. And, on the other hand, I’m very happy that EnSofia is able to lift some of the workload burden from the staff and help improve their patient’s satisfaction,” wraps up Michaiel.

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San Jose, CA

Sameh Michael, Founder and CTO, EnSofia

Offers a platform that delivers AI-based patient journey engagement, communication, and automation solutions to enhance patient, clinician, and systems communications, and interactions in any channel of communication.