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Black Book Launches Updated Mobile Healthcare Survey Apps, Announced Today
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Black BookTM, the acknowledged leader of unbiased and vendor agnostic healthcare product and services research, announced today the release of their newest mobile applications. The native iOS and Android applications are available immediately...

Ushering in an Era of Telehealth
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Natasa Sokolovich, Executive Director, Telehealth, UPMC

Factors that Led to the Expansion of Telehealth Services across UPMC Our vision at UPMC is to transform healthcare delivery, developing new models of care that allow us to provide a seamless “virtual to bricks and mortar”...

Wearables are Driving the Internet of People
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Brett Shockley, SVP and CTO, Avaya

I confess. I love to play with new technology. In my roles over the years as an entrepreneur, CTO and innovator, I have had the opportunity to explore new things on a regular basis. Whenever I look at new technology, I always ask myself whether...

CellTrak Dole Out New Features for its Mobile Health Solution
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FREMONT, CA: CellTrak, a provider of integrated mobile health care and service delivery solutions, announces the latest CellTrak Mobile Health Solution with real-time clinical and operational alerts to improve patients care. CellTrak Mobile...

Apple and Google Introduce Platforms to Enhance Healthcare Research
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FREMONT, CA: In order to promote a healthy lifestyle, both Google and Apple have introduced platforms for their respective users to track their health and fitness, reports Joseph Farell for The Huffington Post. While Apple introduces ResearchKit-...

ARC Document Solutions [NYSE: ARC]: Mobile Innovation: A Smooth Sail through Compliance
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Jake Young, National Director - Facility Solutions

ARC Compliance provides instant access to critical facilities information needed by healthcare organizations‚Äďanytime, anywhere, from any device

Dental Intelligence: Accelerating Growth in Dental Practices
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Weston Lunsford, CEO

Company uses actionable metrics to help dental practices improve patient care, team collaboration, and profitability

Doctella: Democratizing Remote Monitoring
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Amer Haider, Co-Founder & CEO

Doctella, the patient monitroing solution company, offers a feature-rich, end-to-end application for medical practitioners to provide cloud-based RPM services to patients. The Doctella app is intuitive, interactive, secure, and HIPAA-compliant....

VisionTree Software: A Digital Overhaul of Patient Reported Outcomes
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Sheena Gagh, Sr. Account Manager, Braxton Jett, Territory Manager and Martin Pellinat, Founder & CEO

VisionTree is a leader in cloud-based, patient-centric data collection, and health management solutions. VisionTree's patented line of technologies deliver increased productivity and improved workflow processes through integrated electronic...

CitiusTech: Aligning Health Technology With Care
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Mohit Kaushal, Director

Provides healthcare technology service and solution working with a purpose to bring betterment in the field of healthcare

Royal Solutions: Making Healthcare Patient Centric
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Peter Nassif, CEO

A leading provider of SaaS-based solutions offering holistic information management platforms for complete patient engagement

Medocity: Extending Care beyond the Walls of the Clinic
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Raj Agarwal, President & CEO

Medocity is a leading technology and services provider specializing in virtual care management, remote patient monitoring and telehealth

Emergent Connect: Architects of Zero Footprint Imaging Solutions
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Mike Spears, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Delivers enterprise-grade radiology solutions designed to support the strategic initiatives of healthcare organizations

Care3: Serving the Underserved
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David S. Williams, Founder and CEO

Care3 is a digital health company that works to improve the health outcomes for people in underserved communities via an industry-changing messaging app

Scrypt: Secure Management of Healthcare Documents
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Aleks Szymanski, CEO

Offers secure mobile solutions for exchanging healthcare documents

PDFfiller: An Integrated Platform for Patient Healthcare Documentation
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Boris Shakhnovich, President

A comprehensive online document management platform delivering services of an online editor, cloud storage platform, and a signature request manager all in one package...
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