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Datawatch Corporation: Data Analytics-Now Source Agnostic

Datawatch Corporation: Data Analytics-Now Source Agnostic

Michael A. Morrison, President & CEO,Datawatch Corporation

Technologies in the Hospital & Healthcare Sector

Technologies in the Hospital &...

Roni H. Amiel, CIO/CISO, Blythedale Children’s Hospital

Quantiphi: Implementing 'Impact Ready' Analytics

Quantiphi: Implementing 'Impact Ready'...

Asif Hasan, Co-founder, Ritesh Patel, Co-founder & Vivek Khemani, Co-founder,Quantiphi

DaVincian Healthcare: Affordable and Accessible Healthcare for the Underserved

DaVincian Healthcare: Affordable and...

Theodore Waz, President & CEO,DaVincian Healthcare

CloudMedx: Simplifying Healthcare Analytics

CloudMedx: Simplifying Healthcare...

Tashfeen Suleman, CEO & Co-Founder,CloudMedx

SYNERGEN Health: Accelerating Revenue Cycle Performance

SYNERGEN Health: Accelerating Revenue Cycle Performance

Mel Gunawardena, Managing Partner,SYNERGEN Health

Managing Specialty Drug Use and Cost

Roni H. Amiel, CTO, Pinscriptive

ITSourceTek: Creating a Data Haven

Brian Arellanes, Founder & CEO,ITSourceTek

Digitizing the Life Sciences Value Chain

Andrea Fiumicelli, Vice President and General Manager, CSC Healthcare & Life Sciences

Innovaccer: The Operating System that Powers Healthcare

Innovaccer: The Operating System that...

Abhinav Shashank, Co-founder & CEO ,Innovaccer

Blending the Clinical, Analytical and Technical Data: How strong IT Infrastructure Supports Population Health

Blending the Clinical, Analytical and...

Peggy Chou, Medical Director, Medical Management, Atrius Health

Biovotion: Actionable Information for Patient and Provider

Biovotion: Actionable Information for...

Andreas Caduff, CEO,Biovotion

Medikos: Data-Enabled Clinical Care Optimization

Medikos: Data-Enabled Clinical Care...

Alberto Solé, President and CEO,Medikos